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The Crossroads

'This Way, That Way, Somewhere else?'




For many years the proprietor of the Volunteer Arms – a Mr Alfred (Alfie) Saunders used to help customers who were somewhat inebriated, having drunk a little too much at closing time.


He would guide them to the crossroads and, if he knew them, would steer them on their way. However, if he was not sure he would get them to the crossroads and ask them ‘which way, this way? that way?’ If neither were confirmed he would ask ‘somewhere else?’ He always ensured that they got safely on their way, often his cousins or other villagers would help.


One day in about 1909, the villagers woke to see the sign in place at the village crossroads. No one admitted erecting it there but all were quite sure if was the work of Alfred Saunders. Mr Saunders would smile but not admit to it when questioned. He was an excellent carpenter and handyman so it was assumed it was his handwork.


The sign was stolen in the 1940’s believed by some Canadians who had been ejected from the pub. A few weeks later a new one mysteriously replaced the older one in exact replica.


The sign then disappeared for many years only to reappear in the 1980’s.

Today it attracts much attention from walkers, cyclists and visitors to the village and has appeared in the National newspapers many times.

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