The unravelling of the story of Blackheath is one of the most rewarding parts of the hours spent researching the past. As more and more stories are recalled or discovered the excitement grows as missing parts of our village history fit into place. We currently have a wide selection of articles on most aspects of the village past and present. Please contact us if you are interested in any information or can provide any further information or names.


Some of the subjects we have researched include: -


The heath, the common lands, and the environment.

The wildlife, past and present.

The origins of the village, and the routes of the original lanes.

The original dwellings.

The original settlers, and how they survived.

The influx of new people over different periods, and how this affected villagers already here.

The establishment of a more formal village.

St.Martin's Church including the murals by Anna Leigh Merritt.

The Blackheath Choiral Society

The Vicarage and the Cemetery.

The Congregational Chapel.

The Village Hall.

Village schools and education.

The War Memorial.

The Public Houses.

The Cricket Club.

The First World War.

The Second World War.

Houses and buildings including the work of Victorian Arts and Crafts architects William Howard Seth Smith and  Harrison Townsend

The Gunpowder and Paper works in Chilworth and the links to Blackheath.

Barnett Hill and it’s links with Blackheath.

The Friary and it’s links with Blackheath.

The lions of Blackheath!

Eminent people who have lived here.

There are also some fascinating recollections by older residents of earlier times and events in the Village.   



We have a growing selection of history books relating to our village, Surrey and history in general. Villagers are welcome to loan them out. Please contact us for a full list of titles. 


The village post office and general store with Mr Spanner,

Mabel Voller and Mrs Vaughen, approx 1968.

Courtesy of Bille Hockley

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