October 2010

A succesful three day exhibition titled 'The Blackheath Village Archives' was held at the Blackheath Village Hall in October 2010. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed a very  varied exhibition narrating the story of our village. Over 800 photographs were featured alongside stories and snippets  and periphanalia of village life . Home-made teas proved a popular attraction and we sucessfully sold many postcards and art prints of landcapes views of the area. Many past residents and relatives of some of the original village families came and brought with them yet more photographs for us to archive. The 'Surrey Advertiser' gave us some wonderful publicity in the form of 3/4 of a page featuring our archive.

January 2011

Following the sucess of our exhibition held in the village in October 2010, we were invited to hold a similar exhibition at the Cranleigh Arts, Cranleigh, Surrey. Held over a period of a week, the exhibition looked fantastic in  such a good gallery setting and was appreciated by all the visitors as an interesting story of local heritage.

June 2012

The village archives held an exhibition to mark the celebrations of Her Majesty The Queens 60 years on the Throne. This colourful event titled 'Tea with The Queen' was hugely popular with people traveling from a wide area. At full capacity, we had nearly 1000 visitors over the three days which kept us all extremely busy. Archival photographs of past village royal celebrations featured alongside hundreds of photographs by Blackheath resident Royal Photographer Jayne Fincher who was also able to put pen to paper to tell the stories behind the pictures. Traditional teas and royal related gifts were also available raising valuable funds for the village hall maintenance.

September 2014


To mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day operations this year, Blackheath commemorated the British and Canadian troops who were stationed in and around the village between 1940 to 1943 with the unveiling of a plaque on an outside wall of the Village Hall, a vintage tea and an exhibition of photographs and original film of the troops in and around Blackheath and Bramley.

The troops who were from the 47th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (1940-1941), The Royal Artillery Regiment (1941-1942), ‘A’ Company of the 18th Armoured Car Regiment of the Manitoba Dragoons (1942-1943) all made their temporary homes billeted here on our heathland and becoming part of our village life before departing for active duty.

Al Cunningham, President of the Canadian Veterans Association UK unveiled the plaque on Saturday 20th September. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Royal Artillery and the Royal British Legion as well as Liz Wheatley, Mayor of Waverley, Parish and Borough Councillors and, of course, many locals.



November 2014


The 2014 Commemorations of the start of the First World War  featured many local national and international events.

Blackheath  marked the historic anniversary in it's own unique way. An exhibition was held at the Blackheath Village Hall during early November. Villagers  worked together on researching interesting aspects of the Great War, and the effects on the residents of our village. The local men who went to fight in the trenches, the casualties, the women and children left behind, the war work and social change for everyone are just some of the subjects that featured in the exhibition along with a variety of  archival photographs. There was also a series of lectures and talks.

Work continues  and anyone wishing to be part of this project should please  contact us, and be welcomed into this local group.


January 2018

The Village Hall was filled to capacity for a showing of a film 'Blackheath Then and Now' created by the archive to showcase many of the images we currently hold in the archive.A curry supper was followed by the premiere of the film which lasted for over an hour. it featured images with music and drone footage and showed Blackheath life over the years and seasons.

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