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Blackheath and Bramley Choral Society

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A Blackheath Choir was formed in 1912 by Miss Sylvia Drew.  The main objective was to take part in the Leith Hill Musical Festival at Dorking.  The Choral Society was conducted by Miss Sylvia Drew until the start of the Second World War.  During the war it did not meet. After the war the Society was reformed, still with Miss Drew conducting.


In 1948 Lady Tangley took over as main conductor with Miss Drew sharing the work for a while. In 1977 Lady Tangley resigned as conductor (after 30 years) but continued to sing and became President.  John Bawden took over at that time and was followed by Julie Ainscough, Robert Gillman and Richard Nicholson.

The Choral Society left the Leith Festival in 1989 and changed its name to Blackheath and Bramley Choral Society. A wide variety of music is performed at concerts given in various venues in the area.

Today it is continues under the extremely capable hands of the current Conductor and Musical Director David Condry.

The choir has around 80 members and usually gives 2 performances a year.

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